FMEA - Failure Mode and Effect Analysis

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We provide training & coaching in Failure Mode and Effect Analysis tailored to your needs.

Most product development processes are based on past experience. As a result, new challenges may not be properly addressed, giving unexpected results, delay in product development and mediocre product performance. When FMEA is applied in the definition phase of a new product and maintained during the development process, systematic attention is put on these new challenges and their coverage is tracked. The questions;

  • Is the product specification the right one for the system?
  • Is the intended solution the right one?
  • Can the product be manufactured? 

are the three main themes addressed by FMEA. Identifying the challenges and checking whether and how they are covered in the intended product development process upfront provides opportunity to take appropriate actions to cover gaps proactively. FMEA is all about product creation, verification and validation, from system and its usage to component and manufacture….

How to bring your product creation process to the next level is all about adapting proactively to the actual needs of the new product to be developed. The main challenge of FMEA is to interpret the concept and effectively apply it in a specific product creation or service environment and make it work.

We provide interactive training and coaching programs which can be tailored to your specific needs varying from a basic introduction of the concept to one which is based on an audit of an existing FMEA process providing feedback and points for improvement.

FMEA Basic & Refreshment

A general overview of FMEA and latest insights in applying FMEA in the field of IC design using examples from experience.

We address the interaction between FMEA based risk analysis and the product creation process and provide tips and tricks for setting up the FMEA process, execution, follow-up and tracking. 

FMEA Topical workshops & Support

Interactive sessions to introduce and execute FMEA in a project of your choice. It covers training of the product development team, facilitation/moderation of FMEA and follow-up as part of the product development activity.

We tailor the FMEA concept to your specific environment and product needs.

Assessment Based Improvement

When FMEA is already applied in product development, sometimes the effectiveness and efficiency need improvement.

Based on an assessment of the existing FMEA process and its records, we propose an improvement program for implementation and execution.